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16 eCommerce Tips For New Entrepreneurs

Congratulations on successfully becoming a digital store owner. We believe building your own business is a pretty fun experience which actually pays off. Being an entrepreneur is quite exciting when you’ve just stepped into the digital business world.

New entrepreneurs who are armed with ample knowledge usually get too excited about their business sometimes even about the wrong things. 

To be a successful entrepreneur in this industry, it’s essential to understand to perfect any business idea you need to carefully plan, research and set goals that will eventually bring in sales. 

We have been striving in this cutthroat competitive industry for decades and we have learnt alot from our mistakes. For this reason today in this article, we’ll share 16 eCommerce tips for new entrepreneurs, so you can start off your digital business in the right way and make some fortune from your new digital store. 

A word of advice – if you’re newbie in the eCommerce industry, we suggest you to get yourself familiarized with basic eCommerce terms before proceeding ahead to ensure that you clearly understand what we have discussed below.

eCommerce Tips #1 Experimenting is essential

Experimenting is essential

To actually succeed, you need to experiment with your business a lot to determine what works for you and what doesn’t. Experiment with ads as they will automatically bring in more customers to your store so you can generate more sales. 

After creating  profitable ads, start experimenting with your online store. Usually new entrepreneurs  focus on improving their website first. It’s necessary because unless you don’t have any features on your store, how would you know how your customers are responding to it?

Stop making assumptions. Be open about what really works for your business. You won’t be able to uncover the truth until you start looking at the acquired data.

eCommerce Tips #2 Reinvest your profits

Reinvest your profits

Profits are tempting and being a new entrepreneur you feel like keeping them safe in your bank account. However, if you really want your business to grow and thrive, you’ll have to reinvest the earned profit in your business. Instead of investing in new equipment, spend your earned money on advertising. 

You can probably create more ads of $5 to determine which product customers respond to best. Once you’ve determined which product is winning, you’ll have to probably start spending more than $5 to make the kind of money that commoners often dream about.

If you aim to make $4000 profit monthly, you’ll have to spend $4000 on advertising which will bring in around $12000 in profit. Facebook ads work very well if you know how to use them. 

However, you need to find which type of ad works best for you. If you reinvest the earned profit in your business for several months, there are many possibilities that your business will grow, thrive and become sustainable. 

eCommerce Tips #3 Commit to a calendar for consistency

First things first, consistency is the ultimate key to success. When you’re starting an eCommerce store you’ll have to stay consistent and prepare a calendar or schedule and commit to it. 

Let’s take an example, if you’re adding new products to your online store after every 10 days, then you should stay consistent so when visitors can come back to your store to check new products on the scheduled day. 

If you own a blogpost, adding new posts on your site will encourage readers to keep coming back to your site. If you become inconsistent, sorry pals you’ll lose your credibility and sales too.

eCommerce Tips #4 Build your online channels from the first day

After purchasing the domain name of your digital store, focus on building your audience. You can start with posting about your business on different social media platforms to grow your consumer base so that when you are ready to launch your business in the digital market you have a consumer base ready to buy. 

Once you have finally launched your store, start collecting email addresses of your customers and potential prospects to build referral traffic. If you start doing this from day one, your consumer base will grow faster. 

Focus on building out your email list, social media presence, and referral traffic. If you do so, then you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on ads because you’ll have a proper way to engage with the audience via your own social channels.

eCommerce Tips #5 Connect with relevant influencers

Connect with relevant influencers

Well, we do understand it can take up to 5 or 6 months to find the right influencers to market your product. However, even if you find an amazing influencer to promote your product, don’t forget they might be promoting other brands’ products too.

For this reason, you need a great influencer who is capable of promoting your brand in the market and bringing in sales. There are plenty of platforms out there where you can search influencers for your brand. Just make sure you choose the best one.

eCommerce Tips #6 Offer all the relevant information to customers

Offer all the relevant information to customers

To run an eCommerce store successfully it’s essential to provide access to all the relevant information your customers require to make informed purchasing decisions. Include the shipping info and return and exchange info as well so your customers are aware of all your policies before making a purchase. 

You also need to ensure your ‘Contact Us’ page must be visible enough so your customers can easily reach out to you when they have any query or face any issue. 

eCommerce Tips #7 Put thought and creativity in your copy

Put thought and creativity in your copy

Most of the new entrepreneurs often forget adding copy when they import products on their online store. The bullet points are added there only to describe the product details. However, they don’t help to bring in sales. Writing a usual product description is not sufficient, you should list out the most valuable points about your product(s) . 

Customers often read the copy if they’re interested in a product. Write a short yet informative paragraph how your product can be beneficial, mention it’s outstanding features, and explain properly how to use it. In this way you’ll be able to persuade the visitor to purchase your product.

For instance, If you’re selling dresses, it’s a great idea to mention the fabric or you can also recommend jewellery or shoes that will go best with the dress.

eCommerce Tips #8 Make your eCommerce store visually appealing

Make your eCommerce store visually appealing

Your online store must be visually appealing. Add an eye-catching banner on the homepage of your site to quickly grab the attention of visitors.  Add multiple images of products showcasing it from different angles. 

You can make your blog posts visually bewitching. Add more images, videos and even GIFs in each post to add a little more sparkle to it. 

eCommerce Tips #9 Find your ideal eCommerce brand to inspiration

Find your ideal eCommerce brand to inspiration

When we start out something new, we all need a mentor to guide us. However, finding a successful eCommerce brand is challenging as people are usually not ready to share their niche. To get help or guidance, you can join online forums or relevant communities. 

However, we believe finding an ideal eCommerce brand that inspires you is the most effective way to become successful. For instance, if you’re looking for a customer-centric business, go for Adidas or Nike. If you wish to build a marketplace, your ideal business model is either Amazon or Ali Baba. 

Don’t copy their style or niche to succeed, just find those aspects that you adore about that particular online brand and simply apply them. 

eCommerce Tips #10 Collect feedback on your site

When you launch a new eCommerce store, it’s necessary to collect feedback on it. The biggest mistake often entrepreneurs commit is to seek feedback from other entrepreneurs in communities. Even though an entrepreneur can give insight, however taking feedback from your competitor isn’t a good idea. 

Never reveal your business secrets to other entrepreneurs even if they’re your friends. You can reach out to Shopify and Oberlo to get a credible review of your store.

eCommerce Tips #11 Specify your product categories

Specify your product categories

In the beginning when you have only 20 products, it’s pretty easy to lump up all of them in generic categories. Once your store grows, you’ll have to be a little more specific in product categorization. Don’t categorize products into categories like men, women, and kids as these are the most common categories and customers can find them on various other stores. 

People often don’t like to search through the entire collections just to find one product. Be highly specific to make the browsing experience seamless. The simpler you make it for visitors to find a product, the more sales you’ll make. 

eCommerce Tips #12 Focus on creating unique content

Focus on creating unique content

Dropshipping products is like pain in the neck. Odds are you have to find a way to thrive in this cutthroat competitive industry. Well, the easiest way is to create unique content. Quite easy right?

Pumping out new, engaging and unique blogs several times in a week is an incredible way to build out your audience, educate them while keeping your site looking up-to-date and fresh. 

You can create video content to educate and engage your audience like Luxy hair who created hundreds of videos for their YouTube channel which led them to the road of success. 

Undoubtedly, unique content can help in turning your eCommerce store into a money making machine.

eCommerce Tips #13 Free-shipping is a must

It’s necessary to test paid versus free shipping. When you launch a new eCommerce store, you have a small fan base on social media, therefore offering free shipping on your store is better to incentivize sales. 

Customers may be a bit weary to purchase from a brand they’re not familiar with yet offering free shipping makes the risk smaller. Don’t worry if you cannot afford it as we know new entrepreneurs are usually on a tight budget. 

Free shipping is a psychological phenomena. To cover-up the shipping costs, simply increase the final cost of your products and sell them. It’s all about fake it till you make it!

eCommerce Tips #14 Make marketing your focal point

Make marketing your focal point

Advertising and marketing bring in ROI so don’t you dare to spend a lot of time on perfecting your digital store. You should be active on social media. Post content related to your business on a regular basis. Next you should be doing is to contact popular magazines and ask them to feature your products. Create a budget separately for advertising.

 You can also produce high-quality blog content and post it regularly on your site to improve Google rankings of it. The more you spend on marketing, the more customers you’ll be able to acquire. 

eCommerce Tips #15 Recover abandoned shopping carts

Recover abandoned shopping carts

Usually eCommerce marketers often complain about finding a lot of abandoned carts. It usually happens at the end of the checkout process when customers leave the store without completing the purchase for any reason. 

To recover those abandoned carts, you can use cart abandonment software. It’s an outstanding tool that helps you to send automated messages in form emails to your customers about their abandoned carts and encourage them to complete the process.

Send first follow-up email within 6 hours of cart abandonment. If that doesn’t work, consider them sending at least 2 to 3 follow-up emails to recover it. 

You can offer them some limited discount offers to evoke the sense of urgency in them in 2nd or 3rd email to increase your conversion rate. 

eCommerce Tips #16 Get to know more about your customers

Get to know more about your customers

Building a credible and strong relationship with your customers can be pretty time-consuming but it’s worth it.  The best thing to get to know them a little better is to send them personalized emails and ask them if they’re enjoying your products. Take their feedback and suggestions. 

Ask them if there’s any product which they wish to see on your store or some niche they want to learn more about. You can offer loyalty discounts to your regular customers to make them feel more special. Also don’t forget to thank your customers for their valuable feedback.

We know all of them won’t reply to you or won’t even bother to open your email but some will definitely do that and you can use that opportunity to understand their needs and demands to serve them better. 


When we talk about eCommerce tips, the most important one is to stop delaying anymore and launch your eCommerce store now. Don’t procrastinate. In the beginning you’ll make mistakes and that’s okay because we all learn from our mistakes, so don’t worry about that.

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there who dream about starting a new business while only some of them have the guts to do it. You read success stories of a lot of people everyday making 5,6, or 7 figures. 

Take inspiration from them and start your eCommerce today!

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