Boost Conversions On Your Shopify Store

7 Incredible Ways To Boost Conversions On Your Shopify Store

Congratulations on the launch of your new Shopify store. We believe you must have put in a lot of effort and hardwork into it, possibly spend many nights working on your idea. But that’s just the beginning.

If you think you’re off to the races. You’re mistaken!

There are around 820,000 active Shopify stores and the competition is pretty fierce in this industry. Launching a Shopify store successfully is not sufficient as you need to work on how to turn it into a profit generating machine. 

Conversion rate is undoubtedly one of the most significant aspects of every eCommerce business. In such a cutthroat competitive eCommerce market, boosting conversion rate is quite stressful.

There is not a single growth tactic discovered till date that can turn your store into a guaranteed money making machine overnight. 

We believe you might be now wondering what exactly you can do to boost the conversion rate of your Shopify store. Well, there are plenty of things that you can implement on your store to gradually boost the conversion rate.

Today in this article, we’ll walk you through several tactics that you should implement on your Shopify store to improve conversion rate. 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How to boost the conversion rate of your Shopify store?

Using high-quality product images and videos

One of the biggest drawbacks of shopping online is you can’t feel or touch the products, neither can you try them on. Therefore, the best thing you can do to provide a store-like experience is by using high-quality product images and videos.

Using high-quality visuals can help your Shopify store visitors’ to examine the product thoroughly before purchasing. You should also add product images from multiple angles to properly demonstrate it. Moreover, if you think a product is difficult to use and images won’t suffice then add video tutorials to explain its usage.

This will not only increase the conversion rate but will reduce the exchange/return requests. 

Let’s take a look at an example.HardGraft, a popular brand that sells luxurious lifestyle accessories online. To showcase their products, they use multiple product images. Moreover, they also show how their products look in action to drastically increase conversion probability. 

zoom in

You can also add the ‘zoom in’ option to let your visitors see your products closely.

Highlighting valuable product features

Highlighting valuable product features

Why do people buy products? That probably sounds stupid but you need to put some thought into it. They buy products to solve their problems or to improve their lifestyle. Therefore, it’s highly essential to clearly highlight the most valuable features and product benefits on every product page. 

That sounds pretty time-consuming and to save time most of the Shopify merchants often copy paste the product description given by manufacturers. Don’t even think about doing that. 

The product description gives a big opportunity to highlight the key benefits of a product which can encourage someone to purchase it. Moreover you can add SEO keywords in product description to reach more potential customers.

Here’s an example of Adorn Cosmetics. They explicitly highlighted all the major benefits of their products i.e. Petrochemicals free, Gluten free, extracted jojoba oils etc. They have also listed crucial details of products, such as vegan, animal cruelty free, toxic free etc. 

Adding these key details will definitely improve the conversion rate of your Shopify store. 

Leverage personalization

Leverage personalization

Personalization plays a significant role in the success of an eCommerce business. Around 51% customers expect from eCommerce sites to comprehend their needs and offer suggestions accordingly. 

Marketers reported an average of 20% increase in sales when they started offering personalized experience on their eCommerce website.

The best way to leverage on personalization is using data science. Data science basically allows you to categorize your huge consumer base in smaller fragments based on variables including,

  • Age
  • Gender
  • On-site behaviour
  • Ordering frequency
  • Geographical locations
  • Spending habits
  • Purchase history 

It helps you predict what a customer is most likely to purchase so you can know what product you have to show next to them, thereby boosting conversions.

Yet, there is another way to go about it: use a product personalization recommendation app

The app automatically recommends products to customers based on the above mentioned variables. 

Optimizing the checkout process

Optimizing the checkout process

Believe us, if your checkout process is too long and complicated, be ready to lose a lot of customers just when they are all set to make a purchase. Baymard Institute conducted a survey and they found around 21% US customers abandon their carts if the checkout process seems complicated. 

Well, we have 2 suggestions for you. One way to fix this problem is to show the process via the checkout progress bar. As it shows the customer how far they reached and how much is left.

Another way to resolve this is to offer a one-step checkout option. Reduce the process by eliminating the redundant steps from the process. Make it simple, clean and functional. 

Determine those aspects of the process that can drive away your customers. Also keep testing your store’s checkout process to check if everything is working properly. 

A word of advice – don’t forget to integrate multiple payment options as it can also help in boosting your store’s conversion rate.

Writing valuable and useful content

Apart from writing engaging and compelling content on your product pages, you should also create valuable content in the form of blogs to inform, educate, and engage your readers. 

The more information and value you provide, the more your readers (target potential customers) will trust you. Also blogging is a great way to showcase your expertise and skills , thereby increasing your credibility and authority. 

Another benefit of publishing blogs is to increase organic traffic on your site and your search engine rankings

If you’re selling your products globally, checkout other Shopify stores to see what type of content is trending throughout the industry across the globe. This will help you in creating engaging content that your target audience will love to read. 

See how Beardbrand, a popular brand that sells men grooming products posts content about their expertise and speciality in beard products. 

You need to understand everyone who visits your store to read your blogs are usually not ready to buy from you. However, there are many possibilities they might buy from you in future.

Because sometimes a ‘No’ means ‘Not right now’.

Allowing guest checkout

Most of the Shopify store owners often hesitate to offer the guest checkout option, but you won’t believe this simple option can take your checkout optimization process to a whole new level. 

According to 99firms statistics, 34% shoppers abandon their carts because the store asked them to create an account to complete the checkout.

Don’t worry about losing contact with your customers, you’ll get their contact information anyways.

Take the example of WP Standard. They allow you to go to the checkout page without making an account. However as soon as you click on ‘Buy Now’ you’ll be redirected to the page that asks your email address and shipping address details. 

Or you can either choose the express checkout option. If you choose any of the available alternatives ( PayPal, shop Pay, Amazon Pay, or GPay), you don’t have to fill any form. Instead you just have to login into your account and pay for your order.

Offering limited-time offers

Driving the sense of urgency in your customers or potential customers is essential if you really want to boost your Shopify store conversion rate massively. 

Offering limited time offers is yet another astounding way to persuade customers to shop from your store. It drives urgency in them and appeals to the customers FOMO and instantly encourages them to buy from you.

There’s no need to only offer discounts if you can’t afford one. To entice shoppers you can either offer options like ‘limited-time free delivery’ or ‘express delivery’

Bootea, a popular brand that sells tea made from organic powerful ingredients knows very well how to entice customers. If you go to their website’s homepage, you’ll find a headline bar highlighting the sale’s end in 8 hours and 40 minutes. If you missed this golden opportunity, you won’t be able to avail 20% discount.

Adding a timer is another excellent way to drive urgency in customers and to show them how close they are to losing a great deal. 

Key Takeaways

Boosting conversion rate on a Shopify store seems quite challenging but in reality it’s not. Applying the 7 incredible strategies mentioned above will greatly help you in increasing the conversion rate of your store.

However, you shouldn’t expect them to work on the same day you have implemented them. Hold your horses, they will work but it will take sometime. Miracles don’t happen overnight. 

Just implement them and wait for sometime. They will gradually increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store.

We hope this article will be of a great help to you. Happy Selling!

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